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…I have toothache?

A toothache may be caused by, most commonly, tooth decay, or conditions like inflammations or gum line wear. To get the appropriate diagnosis and treatment, contact Dentha Dentistry Szeged for an appointment. If urgent, come see us immediately even during weekends! A toothache may be normal in certain stages of root canal treatment. You may also experience pain at the site of an extraction for a day or two. If the pain persists for longer than four to five days, make sure you visit your dentist.

…I lose a filling?

Your tooth must be cleaned as soon as possible. The missing part must be replaced with the appropriate filling or crown. You need a professional to do this. Contact our dentists at Dentha Dentistry Szeged.

…my tooth has chipped or split?

Contact your dentist. Depending on the extent of the fracture, he or she will apply a filling or a crown, or offer the appropriate treatment such as, for example, root canal procedure.

…I would like to have whiter teeth?

To preserve the health and beauty of your teeth, have your tartar removed once every six months! The qualified assistants specialised in dental hygiene at Dentha Dentistry Szeged can do this for you professionally. Ask for a consultation appointment. Unhappy with the existing colour of your teeth? We can whiten them upon request. Modern whitening techniques do not damage your teeth. Dental veneers may only be applied to undamaged, healthy teeth. To find the best method of whitening, it is a good idea to ask for a consultation appointment.

…my temporary crown or bridge has fallen off?

Do not use any DIY glue to fit your temporary crown or bridge back as this may damage your teeth or gum. To have your temporary crown or bridge fitted back, visit Dentha Dentistry any time either during our standard opening hours or during our on-call service hours (08:00 through 22:00 on weekdays and 09:00 through 19:00 on weekends).

…have swallowed my crown or bridge?

If you find your undamaged crown or bridge, Dentha Dentistry can fit it back after proper disinfection. If damaged, the crown or bridge will have to be remanufactured.

…I feel like my dental implant is loose?

If you feel like your dental implant is loose, contact the oral surgeon at Dentha Dentistry immediately! Often it is merely a loose crown or bridge that makes you feel like your implant is moving. It is a good idea to see the oral surgeon at out dentistry as soon as possible. If the implant is indeed loose, which usually indicates an inflammation, the implant must be removed. In most cases, implantation may be repeated once the area has healed.

…I still have pain two days after root canal treatment?

You may experience temporary pain for a few days after root canal treatment. If the pain is excessive, the dentist will rinse the root canal repeatedly, treat it with medication, and seal it. If you need anaesthesia, please discuss this with your dentist!

…I still have pain two days after extraction? 

Experiencing pain in the site of an extraction for a couple of days after the tooth is pulled is considered normal. If you experience no relief even after four to five days, the inflammation must be treated with medication. Please visit your dentist!

…I feel like a piece of my extracted tooth has remained in my gum?

While a fragment of the root may indeed remain in your gum after extraction, this sensation is often caused by a protruding sharp piece of your alveolar bone. Visit the oral surgeon at Dentha Dentistry to remove any remnant of the tooth.

…my tooth is sensitive?

There are two types of sensitivity. If your tooth is sensitive to heat, cold, as well as to salty and sweet food, it is a live tooth. To treat this sensitivity, you may try a toothpaste formulated for sensitive teeth (apply a thin layer of toothpaste to your teeth and leave it on for the night). If this does not help, visit your dentist at Dentha Dentistry who may be able to protect the sensitive area with a coat of dental lacquer or with a filling. A tooth only sensitive to heat may indicate an inflammation. Visit your dentist as soon as possible!

…my gum is bleeding?

Bleeding gums usually indicate inflammation. The most common reasons are tartar and plaque. Specialised in dental hygiene, our qualified assistant can remove your tartar, a procedure recommended once every six months. Less frequently, bleeding gums may indicate coagulation problems. If necessary, your dental hygienist will consult a dentist. Excessive tartar may cause periodontitis, loosening, and, eventually, spontaneous tooth loss.

…a bracket has fallen off of my braces or the wires irritate me?

As first aid, apply the wax your dentist gave you to stop the immediate irritation. Then contact Dentha Dentistry for an appointment with the orthodontist, who will glue back the bracket and adjust any wire that may stick out and irritate your mouth.

…my teeth are misaligned?

Please consult the orthodontist at Dentha Dentistry. Today you have several types of braces to choose from. The price will depend on how “invisible” the braces are and whether you have any metal allergies. During the consultation, you will receive a personal price quotation.

…my wisdom tooth is growing and it hurts a lot?

If your wisdom tooth hurts, consult the oral surgeon at Dentha Dentistry. If there is not enough space, a wisdom tooth may cause permanent inflammation. It may also push your row of teeth forward, and, eventually, you may end up needing braces.

…I grind my teeth at night?

We cannot stop you from grinding your teeth but we can help avoid any detrimental consequences. Our dentists will have occlusal splints made for you. Wearing these at night prevents your teeth from grinding against one another. The most common cause of teeth grinding is stress; reducing it in your life is something you may have to think about.

…I am pregnant and have a toothache?

Please consult your dentist. In protection of your baby, we will not give you an X-ray during pregnancy or breast feeding. Thanks to a special anaesthetic developed for expectant and breast-feeding mothers, we can apply fillings or even crowns during or after your pregnancy.

…my child’s permanent teeth are growing but his or her baby teeth have not
yet fallen out?

If you child’s baby teeth are not loose, they may need help to come out. If they are loose, they will soon fall out by themselves. It is a good idea to consult our orthodontist to check whether the child’s permanent teeth are growing right.