Our gallery offers you an insight into the daily life of Dentha Implant Centre & Dentistry. See our dentists and assistants at work and walk through our surgeries, reception area, and waiting rooms. In addition to the instruments we use on a daily basis, the photos also show you our state-of-the-art dental laser unit.

Congenital jaw malformation

A patient with congenital jaw malformation contacted our dental clinic. The patient’s deep bite caused excessive tooth wear. The patient’s smile revealed the worn teeth, with one of the incisors hanging over the lip. Let’s see the phases of correction!

Shifted and non-vital teeth

Our patient suffered an accident, as a result of which both upper left incisors necrosed completely while the adjoining upper right incisor shifted out of position. Let’s see how we renewed the patient’s smile!

Aesthetic gum surgery

Because of a diagnosis indicating an active periodontal pocket, our patient had earlier been treated by our periodontist. The intervention performed to cleanse the pocket had gone successfully but the patient remained very self-conscious because of the gap that remained between the teeth involved. The gap was too wide to cover up using veneers.

Space closure

Our patient was very uncomfortable with the wide space between his teeth (diastema). We proposed a solution using ceramic veneers but our patient did not want to wear veneers. Let’s see the final solution!

Ceramic crowns & gold filling

Our patient consulted our dentistry with dental abrasion, discolored teeth and lack of teeth, so that she did not even dare open his mouth. We found lasting solutions to her problems, and by the end of our treatment, she smiled bravely.

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