What you find below is some feedback from our patients. We wish to say thank you to all those of you who have placed your trust in our dentistry and took the time to share your experiences with others. If you haven’t yet written us, feel free to use the form on the right to send us your own feedback or request. We look forward to receiving your message!

Friendly and well-run business

I have been visiting Dentha for over three years and I have always experienced the highest levels of care and customer service.

I have been impressed with the professional standards of the staff, keen attention to detail and the high quality of dental treatment available.

The surgery is a very friendly and well-run business with modern facilities in all areas, ranging from general surgery and orthodontics to dental hygiene.

Not only this, but the clinic offers real value for money. I would not hesitate to recommend Dentha to a friend or family member.

Andrew Hayes

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Reasonable costs, up-to-date equipment

The staff are friendly, efficient and include English speakers; the equipment is completely up-to-date and the costs for treatment are extremely reasonable.

I have no hesitation in recommending this practice for your dental needs – and the city of Szeged is worth a look- around afterwards as well.

Jonathan Shutton

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One oral surgeon treating another

Since I first met my colleague Dr. Gábor Benedek in person, I have seen him perform various interventions and operations. These occasions have allowed me to see what a great oral sur-geon he is. Dr. Benedek uses cutting-edge procedures and technologies in all areas of dentis-try. His implants and restorations are not only of a high quality standard; they also excel in beauty. Having visited Dentha Dentistry Szeged on several occasions, I have had the chance to see their state-of-the-art equipment, something without which quality work is inconceiva-ble.

The surgery is spacious. The owner, his family, and his professional team join forces to offer clients all the support they need; not only do they speak several languages between them, they also recommended me accommodation nearby the dentistry to make my stay there as comfortable as possible. I owe a debt of gratitude to my colleague Dr. Gábor Benedek for creating the wonderful dental work I have been enjoying ever since my stay there.

Dr. Carlo Alberto Palmieri, oral surgeon, Italy

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The only place where I could get help

Dear Doctor,

I wish to express my gratitude to Dr. Gábor Benedek and his team for their conscientious and dedicated work. Over the past one year or so I have been a regular visitor to their dentistry and I can certainly say that over time I have become increasingly convinced that the number one priority for this dentistry is truly the client. The pleasant environment of the waiting room, the state-of-the-art, cutting-edge equipment of the surgery, and the team work that Dr. Bene-dek’s highly qualified professional staff are engaged in have all made me feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Staff members at the dentistry have made every effort to flexibly adapt to my time schedule. I consider this very positive as it has been very important for me to ensure that I can fit my den-tal appointments in with my work commitments. It is highly commendable that I received the same warm welcome from the staff regardless the time of day I showed up for treatment. As my tolerance to pain is lower than the average, I was always shaking with fear whenever I entered the dentistry for treatment. However, the kindness and supportiveness of the staff and the doctor’s patience, understanding, and always welcome words of encouragement have helped soothe my fears and have helped me face a few unpleasant moments with ease.

Thank you for being so considerate and for trying to minimize my pain throughout all the in-terventions! It has been especially comforting for me to know that any question I may have concerning the interventions would be welcome and that you would always respond to them with clear and thorough information. I owe you respect and a debt of gratitude for the high professional standard of your work and for the generous support you have offered me. Thanks to these, the end result has exceeded all my expectations. After a long period of time in my life, I can once again smile wholeheartedly without keeping back. My thanks also go out to all those friends and acquaintances who have helped me find the best dental care provider; after all, it is through their recommendations that I have had the chance to get to know you not only as an excellent professional but also as a great, noble-minded personality.

Words can barely reflect the gratitude I feel for all that Doctor Benedek has done for me. Doctor, let me wish you all the success in the world in your professional future with the fol-lowing quote from Virginia C. Andrews: “The best form of compassion is the one that inspires one to act and helps solve problems in the world.

Mária K. Tóth, Hungary

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You have exceeded my expectations

I had my dental implants placed at Dentha Dentistry Szeged. I wish to thank all the team for their accurate and conscientious work. The implant centre is friendly, beautiful, and equipped with state-of-the-art technology, but, more importantly, I have received valuable advice and excellent treatment.

All my confirmed appointments were honoured without fault, something that is very important when you only have a specific time window to performing an interven-tion.

I find the prices of Dentha Dentistry Szeged very competitive in European comparison, and, on top of that, they welcomed me very warmly. The team at Dentha Dentistry Szeged has done a job that has exceeded all my prior expectations.

David Vincent, France

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We used a plane, train and automobile to be treated by you

Dear Dr. Benedek and staff,

We arrived safely home, slightly more than a month ago.

We wish to thank you very much for the procedures performed for my wife and I on this occasion, as well as over the past few years. You have truly precise and professional hands, visibly surrounded by the latest and most modern dental technology available.

We would like to also thank your staff, for the excellent and professional treatment we received. Always having to travel a long distance, your office is extremely accommodating with our tight schedule.

If my memory is correct, we have been coming to your dental office since 2009, without any fear or apprehension. You were successful in eliminating any pain, discomfort and psychological factors, that I personally had, associated with dental treatments and procedures, over the past 40 years.

My family and I hope we can continue this relationship for years to come.


E. Varga, R. Vilan and family

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