Dental CT scanner in Szeged

We are very pleased to start 2016 by putting into service a new X-ray diagnostic equipment. In our practice, Dentha Dental and Implant Centre, we dedicate a state-of-the-art dental CT scanner to the service of our patients. The Japanese Morita Company is a deservedly world-famous company in dental imaging diagnostics. Using our Veraviewepocs 3D R100 CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) scanner we can obtain a 360° 3D image of the scanned area, which can be used by your dentist to establish an as accurate and as detailed diagnosis as possible.

Dental CT scan is made only if recommended by your dentist. In this case please bring with you your CT referral from your dentist indicating precisely the teeth to be scanned and the length of the CBCT to be made. The diagnostic evaluation of the CT scan will always be carried out by the referring dentist.

The benefits of 3D technology

Once we had to evaluate a 3D area using a 2D image. Several areas were not visible on the traditional X-rays with lower resolution.

In order to start any type of treatment, physicians were forced to draw conclusions, guess, and make assumptions and calculations based on 2D images. These old-fashioned X-rays often were not sufficiently sensitive to reveal the early signs of a change.

Using CBCT, these inaccuracies can be eliminated. Due to its extreme resolution and low radiation dose, it can show a perfect image of the area scanned.

CBCT imaging provides a large amount of information and pinpoints details that no 2D intraoral or panoramic X-rays can reveal.

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Fog CT felvétel

What types of scans can be made using a CT scanner?

Using a 3D scan of the teeth, we can evaluate the region selected by us in high resolution and from a number of points of view. The diagnostic efficacy of 3D imaging is supported by clinical trials. This scanner can make 6 scans of the mandible of different sizes and scans of the sinuses and the mandibular joint as required by the extent of the problem and as recommended by the dentist. The dental CT scanner manufactured by Morita allows for scanning only a single tooth and mapping the hidden problems, or scanning the entire dentition and the jaw bone step by step and teeth by tooth.

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Giving priority to the maximum safety of the patients

We’ve chosen the scanner manufactured by Morita in order to protect our patients because this high-quality Japanese device uses low radiation dose and produces scans of excellent quality.

The Veraviewepocs 3D R100 scanner used in our practice is the newest member of the J. Morita 3D product family.

This device is totally unique in that the former cylindrical shape of the scanned area is changed to a convex triangle.

Since this triangle is much more similar to the natural gum, it omits irrelevant areas, which decreases the radiation dose by 60% compared to the average.

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Minimum radiation load

Did you know that you are exposed to background radiation even during your flights? The examples below illustrates the size of this radiation dose.

In case of the largest dental CT scan of the entire mandible and maxilla, your organs are exposed to a smaller radiation dose than with a chest X-ray or a New York – Asia flight.

For the smallest CT scan, made of only three teeth (40 x 40 mm), the radiation dose is smaller than two traditional panoramic X-rays and is equivalent to a radiation dose to which you would be exposed during a 6-hour flight.

We are proud that we are able to perform dental CT scans in our practice in Szeged, and we are sure that we will be able to improve further the quality of the care provided using this modern technology.

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fog CT szegeden-repülő

Installation-free evaluation program

We perform dental CT scans not only for our patients, but also for the patients referred by other dentists and practices. The scans will be provided on a CD together with an installation-free evaluation program.

The Hungarian training video below provides assistance with evaluating dental Cone Beam CT scans to dentists who refer their patients to us, Dentha Dentistry in Szeged. 

If you have any further questions, we will demonstrate the use of the installation-free program and all possibilities provided by this software, which can help the dentist to have an image as detailed as possible, from as many points of view and sides as possible, and thus, to establish a diagnosis as accurate as possible. For this, you need an appointment, so please do not hesitate to contact us by email at

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Training video for the evoluation program

To watch this video – being in Hungarian language – we recommend you full screen view.

Attention! CT recordings made and exported in our clinic can be viewed only on Windows operating systems. On Apple devices, you can watch CT scan after installing Parallels Desktop and then installing Windows.

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