Our guarantee

The warranty is valid only on the works performed by the dentists or the dental technicians of Clinic Dentha Szeged while respecting the following criteria.

Duration of warranty

  • Camlog implants (manufacturer’s guarantee for the material): 10 years
  • DenTi implants (manufacturer’s guarantee for the material): 5 years
  • Nobel Biocare implants (manufacturer’s guarantee for the material): lifetime guarantee
  • Metal-ceramic and pressed ceramic crown: 2 years
  • Zirconia crown: 3 years
  • Removable dentures: 1 year
  • Aesthetic filling: 1 year
  • Inlay: 2 years


Warranty coverage

Our guarantee is limited to work commenced, carried out, and completed by our dentistry. Our warranty only applies at the Szeged clinic of Dentha Dentistry. Any related travel and accommodation costs shall be the borne by the patient.

The results of dental treatments can vary significantly, depending on the patient’s health and oral hygiene habits, which of course cannot be provided by the attending physician.

The warranty guarantees the quality of the dental work delivered to the patient. Warranty claims are to be submitted within 7 days after the first sign of the problem. In case of late notification, the warranty does not apply.

If you lose your implant within 6 months after implantation, a new implant will be set up free of charge if there are no grounds for refusal and if there is no bone damage or loss that would make the intervention impossible. If a second implantation is impossible, we cannot reimburse you for the lost implant.


Terms of warranty

  • Dental and dental hygiene control once every six months (fee, required).
  • Proper and specific cleaning of the delivered dental work (crowns, implants, bridges, dentures).
  • Compliance with oral hygiene instructions, thorough brushing at least twice a day etc.
  • The warranty covers mistakes made during the technical preparation of the prosthetic dental work.


The warranty is void in the following cases

  • If you do not attend your recommended active maintenance appointments every six months.
  • Non-compliance with dental hygiene propositions, smoking, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, impact of certain drugs affecting the teeth, gums and jaws.
  • Breaking or chipping of the porcelain coverage due to the too strong lock of the two jaws.
  • Misuse or dropping  of the dental work by the patient.
  • General diseases that affect dental condition adversely (diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, X-rays, chemotherapy, certain drugs, metabolic disorders etc.).
  • Diseases held in secret before or during the dental treatment.
  • Excessive weight loss or gain in a short period.
  • Accidents: teeth fall or break, dropping of removable dentures.
  • Periodontal disease or bone resorption.
  • Natural tooth wear.
  • Discoloration of the teeth due to smoking or exposure to chemicals.
  • Smokers are not eligible for any warranty.
  • No guarantee can be applied for the subsequently required root canal treatment of teeth being prepared for crowns. There is a well-documented phenomenon in dental literature of microtraumas occurring during the preparation of the tooth to be crowned. These may require the root canal treatment of the tooth under the crown.
  • No guarantee can be applied for provisional crowns, bridges and dentures.
  • The clinic is not responsible for problems unseen on dental radiography, neither for problems unpredictable during the dental treatment.
  • If the patient decides not to avail himself/herself of the proposed dental procedures, or the problem is due to an incomplete set of treatments.
  • A dentist other than those of our clinic adds to, detracts from or modifies the dental work delivered by Dentha Dentistry Szeged.
  • No warranty or guarantee of success can be given for the long-term success of root canal treatments.
  • No warranty or guarantee of success can be applied for the deformation of grafted areas and the adsorption of the graft material.


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