Firstly we prepare a panoramic dental X-ray covering all the teeth, followed by a detailed treatment plan in which we offer several possible solutions. We explain their advantages and disadvantages, and after discussing them with your dentist, you can choose the best one for you. Then you will also get appointments for these interventions. For our patients living farther or abroad, before the first visit, we can prepare a complete temporary treatment plan. For it, we need a panoramic X-ray not older than six months, sent by email or post. If you have it in electronic form, you can request a quote here. 

Please note that a treatment plan based on a brought or sent panoramic X-ray is only for informational purposes. It does not substitute a personal appearance and oral examination. Its reason is that there is a big difference between the X-ray equipments, the associated image enhancement softwares and the quality of the recordings. By negative experience, we know that even a good-looking X-ray is not sure to show the problems figuring on the X-ray made by our machine. That is why for your safety, if you honour us by choosing us for your dental treatments, we work on the basis of an X-ray produced in our dentistry. This is especially true in case of implants and oral surgery. An x-ray older than six months is not more informative for a starting point, we can not accept it.

Our price list is not exhaustive, the prices are indicative. We reserve the right to change prices. For a customized quote, please make an appointment on + 36/30/206-9532 or email us filling the following login form. Thank you for your cooperation.


Diagnostics, on-call service

Diagnostics, on-call service

Oral examination with the dentist including:

  • analyse of X-ray
  • personal patient examination
  • treatment plan

10 000 Ft + 6 500 Ft


Total check-up in case of illness 10 000 Ft + CT scanner
Prescriptions (with treatment) free
Prescriptions (without treatment) 1 000 Ft
Histologic examination 10 000 – 30 000 Ft



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Cone Beam CT, Dental X-rays

3D Dental Cone Beam CT (CBCT)

3D Dental CT (CBCT): big
(all the teeth in both jaws)

18 000 Ft

3D Dental CT (CBCT): small
(up to 3 adjacent teeth)

   12 000 Ft
3D Sinus scan 18 000 Ft
3D TMJ scan 20 000 Ft
CT Scan to Smart Gudie (total + impression) 19 000 Ft
CT Scans on CD with evaluation program free


2D Dental X-rays
2D Panoramic X-ray (all the teeth) 6 500 Ft
2D Tele X-ray 6 500 Ft
Copy of X-ray by email free
Copy of X-ray to CD    500 Ft
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Fog CT, fogröntgen Szegeden

Oral hygiene

During the treatment, your dental hygienist remove your tartar and stains using an ultrasonic or salt scaler, then she polishes the surface of your teeth with special brushes, rubber bells and polishing paste. This prevents plaque formation and makes your teeth appear shinier and more vibrant. At your request, we carry out the following interventions in local anesthesia. The length of the treatment depends on the quantity of tartar to be removed.

Oral hygiene
Scaling and polishing
(in case of less tartar, about 30 minutes)
18 000 Ft
Scaling and polishing
(in case of more tartar, about 45 minutes)
22 000 Ft


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Fillings and inlays

The cost of filling depends on which tooth and what size of cavity has to be filled. Local anesthesia is included in the price.

Fillings and inlays
Aesthetic tooth filling from 18 000 Ft
Milk tooth filling from 7 000 Ft
Golden inlay 50 000 Ft
+daily gold price
Zirconia inlay 60 000 Ft
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Root canal treatment

The root canal treatment is carried out in most cases on several occasions. The root canal treatment involves anesthesia, dental trephination (pulp opening, inflammation reduction, rinse and medication closing, temporary filling), the root canal cleaning, length measurment, temporary medication filling, final filling of the root canal, but it does not include the filling above the root canal (crown part). If the inflammation has not yet cleared up, the root canal treatment can only be started just after a few days, after the reduction of inflammation. In some cases, the root-treated tooth must be reinforced with a fiber glass pin. Depending on the condition of the tooth, a final filling or a crown is made on the tooth. The materials used for root canal filling differ from those used for the final filling. The price of the root canal treatment and root canal fillings do not cover the filling or the crown above the root.

Root-canal treatment
Dental trephination (emergency pulp opening, inflammation reduction, rinse and medication closing, temporary filling).
Price is subtracted from root-canal treatment price in case you continue root-canal treatment at our dentistry.
12 000 Ft
Front tooth (pulp opening, inflammation reduction, machine-made root canal expansion, mechanical & chemical root canal cleaning, length measurment, temporary medication filling, final filling of the root canal) – more times if needed 40 000 Ft
Premolar tooth (pulp opening, inflammation reduction, machine-made root canal expansion, mechanical & chemical root canal cleaning, length measurment, temporary medication filling, final filling of the root canal) – more times if needed 48 000 Ft
Molar tooth (pulp opening, inflammation reduction, machine-made root canal expansion, mechanical & chemical root canal cleaning, length measurment, temporary medication filling, final filling of the root canal) – more times if needed 54 000 Ft
Laser-assisted root canal disinfection (one canal) 4 000 Ft
Removal of old root canal filling (one canal) 6 000 Ft
Glass fiber post (pin) 20 000 Ft
Bleaching of root-canal treated tooth 15 000 Ft


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fogfehérítés lézer

Extraction and oral surgery

Oral surgery prices include the treatment itself, local anesthesia as well as written report about what to do after tooth extraction.

Extraction and oral surgery
Incision 7 000 Ft
Simple tooth extraction from 10 000 Ft
Broken tooth or root removal from 15 000 Ft
Surgical tooth or root extraction from 20 000 Ft
Impacted (wisdom or other) tooth extraction 40 000 Ft
Removal of dental implant 30 000 Ft
Laser-assisted resection 40 000 Ft
Facial cavity closing with flap 40 000 Ft


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The implantation is a pain-free surgery in anaesthesia. In our pricing, the implant price includes not only the implant body, but all the additional parts as well as the healing screw, the abutment, the impression cap, the technical implant. In case of metal allergy, and / or under full ceramic crowns, on the foreteeth, we propose zirconia abutment. More about dental implants. In our dentistry, we use long-standing, innovative implant systems: DenTi (Hungarian), Camlog (Swiss-German), Nobel (Swiss-Swedish).

Tooth implant & accessories (depending on the manufacturer) 170 000 – 350 000 Ft
Mini-implant 100 000 Ft


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Bone augmentation

Bone augmentation has to be performed before implantation in case of bone thickness or height is not enough for implantation.We can determine which bone grafting solution would be the best choice for you during a personal consultation.

Bone augmentation
Bone augmentation surgical fee (without material) 60 000 Ft
Bone transplantation from jawbone 180 000 Ft
Bone transplantation from ilium individual price
Sinus lift (closed) from 45 000 Ft
Bone graft (the price depends on the size and on the origin of the graft: human, animal or synthetic) from 50 000 Ft



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Fixed prosthetics

The price of the fixed prosthetics include the shoulder preparation of the tooth, the impression, the preparation of the crown, the sticking of the temporary / permanent crown and the necessary anaesthesia. 

Fixed prosthetics
Metal-ceramic crown 45 000 Ft
Full ceramic crown 70 000 Ft
Zirconia crown 70 000 Ft
Golden ceramic crown without gold price 50 000 Ft
Gold (material) daily price
Removal of ancient crown 3 000 Ft
Resticking of crown (each tooth) 3 000 Ft
Stump reconstruction 13 000 Ft
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all-on-4 mosoly

Removable prosthetics

Removable prosthetics
Total removable denture 140 000 Ft
Denture repairing 40 000 Ft
Acrylic tooth / piece 9 000 Ft
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Partially removable prosthetics

Partially removable prosthetics
Partial metal denture 75 000 Ft
Anchorage (hidden) 38 000 Ft
Telescopic crown (primer+secunder) 62 000 Ft
Ot-cap system 38 000 Ft






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Temporary prosthetics

Temporary prosthetics
Clips to 1-2 teeth 28 000 Ft
Short-time temporary prosthetics (for 1-2 weeks, made in the dentistry) 2 000 Ft
Long-time temporary prosthetics / piece (made by the dental technician, in case of more-phase implantation, for the healing period, ensuring aesthetic and masticatory functions)  13 000 Ft


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Ideiglenes fogpótlás

Tooth bleaching

Any handsome appearance can be ruined by neglected or discolored teeth. You should choose laser tooth whitening, if you wish to have whiter looking teeth.

Teeth whitening done by a specialist is a safe intervention. Today, however, there are more and more ‘favorable’ tooth whitening offer, which is not always risk-free.

The conditions of a safe, durable and spectacular whitening are: expertise and experience, reliable teeth whitening substance, American biolaser whitening device.

The success can only be assured if these three elements are simultaneously present during the whitening. Be aware of the remarkably favorable deals!

Tooth bleaching
Laser light tooth bleaching 70 000 Ft
Scaling & polishing (required before bleaching) 18 000 Ft
Total: 88 000 Ft

80 000 Ft






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The price of periodontal treatment include a consultation with a specialist, packet and tooth mobility test, treatment plan, quote and oral cancer screening. 

Professional scale:  
Deep subgingival depuration (per jawbone) 20 000 Ft
Closed curettage to 1-4 teeth (per tooth) 8 000 Ft
Closed curettage to 5-8 teeth (per quadrant) 35 000 Ft
Total oral deisnfection 140 000 Ft
Gum surgery:  
Gingivectomy, gingivoplasty (per tooth) 20 000 Ft
Frenulectomy 30 000 Ft
Vestibuloplasty 30 000 Ft
Recession overlay (per tooth) 40 000 Ft
Recession overlay with graft (per tooth) 80 000 Ft
Pocket surgery:  
Resective pocket surgery (per tooth) 25 000 Ft
Open curettage to 1-4 teeth (per tooth) 10 000 Ft
Open curettage to 5-8 teeth (per quadrant) 52 000 Ft
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The price of dental braces depend on their type and material. More they are aesthetic and invisible, more they are expensive.

First visit 0-3 000 Ft
2 X-rays, 2 impressions, treatment plan and price offer 23 000 Ft
Controll (removable braces) from 8 000 Ft
Controll for one jawbone (fixed braces) from 9 000 Ft
Controll for two jawbones (fixed braces) from 12 000 Ft
Removable braces per jawbone 45 000-90 000 Ft
Fixed metal braces per jawbone from 200 000 Ft
Fixed porcelaine braces per jawbone from 250 000 Ft
Invisible, tongue-side braces per one dental arch, from canine to canine from 360 000 Ft
Invisible, tongue-side braces per one total dental arch from 600 000 Ft
Micro-implant 25 000 Ft
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Other treatments

Other treatments
Tooth jewel 15 000 Ft
Bite lift 30 000 Ft
Tooth prevent splint 30 000 Ft
Prevention with fluoride 5 000 Ft
Conscious sedation per hour 35 000 Ft
Gnathological treatment 12 000 Ft
Registration of jawbones’ position 35 000 Ft



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